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LotaMath - Math Tutor

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28 Nov 09

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LotaMath - Math Tutor

Version 1.0
27 Aug 08


Program Info

Partially due to the increased usage of calculators mental maths skills seems to be in decline... but you can change that with LotaMath! Equally suitable for all ages it supports 7 difficulty levels that range from easy to ultra hard, and you can choose to have addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, a mixture of all or squares. You easily can see how you're progressing as scores are tracked for unlimited different users via a built in database, and there is an overall rating displayed. Various options are supported such as user notes and auto advance.


User Details
Programmers Notes
System Impact Statement
Licence and Registration


Run "Setup.exe" and follow the instructions. To remove LotaMath, use the "Add/Remove Programs" option in the Control Panel, or the start menu if you did a low privilege install. LotaMath stores all its data files in the designated application data area, often "C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\ACAPsoft\LotaMath". If you would prefer that it saves in the same directory as LotaMath either run the program from a removable drive, such as a floppy of a USB drive, or delete the "DefSet.txt" file from the LotaMath directory.


When LotaMath is installed it creates a new user database with random names. You can either change these names or add a new user. In any case, first right-click the main window, and then either pick "Edit NAME" or "Add User". Once the "User Details" window is shown, change the name in the top window to whatever you want, and then press "OK.". Right click the window again and from the "User" sub-menu pick your wanted name. Next, using the right-click menu as well, you can change the level and mode if necessary.

Once the initial set-up is done, LotaMath is ready! Click the screen to start testing! Modes, levels and users can be changed at any time, but the session time and score will be reset. Answers are entered via the keyboard (backspace works), and you have a maximum of six seconds to answer questions from the first five levels, and twelve for the hardest two. For more details on LotaMath operation please refer to the explanations below.


This menu appears when you right-click on the main window.

User Details

The details window shows the user, including comments, a detailed report, and an overall level plus grade. From here you can also add or delete users.

As an extra explanation, the Level / Grade is directly related to the score shown in the report window. Each type of question is given a partial score, and if you get 85% or better you get full points, otherwise you get a fraction of it. Overall there are seven levels, and a level grade from D to A+. You start out at Level 0, but it is very easy to get to Level 1. Most people should find it hard to get to Level 5. Do note though that these scores are meant as an easy comparison tool only; the exact numbers were decided by us.

Below is a breakdown of the full points possible for each mode/level. Only whole numbers count towards the total.

Add 1-101
Add 2-92
Add 11-203
Add 1-204
Add 2-205
Add 10-9910
Add 101-99915
Sub 1-101
Sub 2-92
Sub 11-203
Sub 1-204
Sub 2-205
Sub 10-9910
Sub 101-99915
Mul 1-105
Mul 2-97
Mul 11-2017
Mul 1-2015
Mul 2-2020
Mul 10-9950
Mul 101-99995
Div 1-105
Div 2-97
Div 11-2017
Div 1-2015
Div 2-2020
Div 10-9950
Div 101-99995
Mix 1-104
Mix 2-96
Mix 11-2015
Mix 1-2013
Mix 2-2018
Mix 10-9948
Mix 101-99990
Squ 2-1220
Squ 13-2425
Squ 2-2430
Squ 25-5040
Squ 51-9950
Squ 2-9995
Squ 100-99990

In total there are 1051 points. 10 puts you at level 1, 50 Level 2, 100 Level 3, 200 Level 4, 400 Level 5 and 800 Level 6. The grade is calculated from how close you are to the next level; 20% is D, 50% is C, 75% is B, 97% is A and above is A+. Simple!


Division SymbolSymbol used to signify divide.
Auto Advance Selects whether to show the next question after a short delay or after a key press.
Auto-End Sets LotaMath to show a set number of questions.
Confirm QuitSets LotaMath to confirm quit requests.
Transparency This is the degree of transparency that the main window will have when Transparent is enabled. To clarify, 90 is very transparent, 10 is mostly solid.

Programmers Notes

For the curious, the best I could do in testing was Level 4 C Grade. I'd be really impressed if anyone got Level 6 A+; it'd be hard even using a calculator!

System Impact Statement

We go to great lengths to reduce system impact, but we feel that it is still important to explain here what our programs do to your system. If you feel we are missing something, or you need further clarification, please contact us.

RegistryLotaMath doesn't uses the registry in any way. The installer that comes with LotaMath uses the registry only for the required un-installation data, and not at all if you use the "Extract Only" mode or if you install as a low privilege user.
System SettingsLotaMath does not change any system settings.
FilesAll of its program files are stored in the chosen installation directory, and all of its data files are stored in the designated application data area, often "C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\ACAPsoft\LotaMath". If you would prefer that it saves in the same directory as LotaMath either run the program from a removable drive, such as a floppy of a USB drive, or delete the "DefSet.txt" file from the LotaMath directory. These directories can be opened via the About box.
NetworkLotaMath and its installer do not access the internet in any way, but the ReadMe does have three graphic files that are stored on the internet. (They are not used as web-beacons, merely spacers and images for the payment processors.)
CPULotaMath does not have any CPU demanding functions.
MemoryLotaMath has no major memory requirements.


1.00Initial Version

Licence and Registration

Permission is given to evaluate LotaMath for a period of 30 days. After this time you are required to either register or remove LotaMath. Permission is given for all forms of distribution, including CD compilations and Websites, providing the ZIP file is unaltered and it is made clear that LotaMath is a Shareware program and that registration is required for continued usage. LotaMath can be registered using PayPal, Reg.Net or Mail. For details on the terms of our licences and of our Buy-Three-Get-All policy please refer to the payment page.

LotaMath is a copyrighted work and thus permission is not given for you to decompile, disassemble, modify, translate, enhance or create derivative works from this program. If you feel that you need to do any of those actions, and that those rules do not apply to you, contact us first.

Single User
PayPal $8.00 USD
Reg.Net $8.50 USD Bulk deals are also available here. Buy Now at Reg.Net
Mail, Cash $8.00 USD or $10 AUDPostal details in About box
Mail, Australian Cheque $10 AUD
Mail, Non-Australian Cheque $14.95 USD or $19.95 AUD
PayPal $120 USD
Reg.Net $120 USD Buy Now at Reg.Net
Mail, Cash or Cheque $120 USD / AUD Postal details in About box


ACAPsoft accepts no liability for this software to the maximum extent allowable by law. Installing this software is the decision of the installer, and signifies that you agree with this liability statement. Thus, any damage/loss caused by the use of this software is not in any way the responsibility of ACAPsoft. This includes, but is not limited to, physical damage and loss of income/time. In no event shall the maximum liability of ACAPsoft exceed the registration fee paid by the user, if any. Because some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of liability for consequential or incidental damages, in such jurisdictions the liability of ACAPsoft shall be limited to the extent permitted by law. If at any time you do not find these conditions agreeable you are required to remove this software.


Advice/insults (on the subject of the program, not the programmer) are always welcome. To help users keep up to date we send out newsletters whenever there is a major new version of LotaMath. To join this list simply send an EMail with "MathADD" in the subject. To be removed from this list, write an EMail with "MathREMOVE" in the subject. (ACAPsoft does not sell your EMail address or any other personal information to anyone.) In addition, we have a RSS feed that is updated whenever there is a new version of any program.

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