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About Sinner Computing

Sinner Computing is a one-man-developing team headed and footed by me, Andrew J Glina. I have over 20 years of programming experience, including over 10 years commercially writing for Sinner Computing. The website design and php backend is also my work. (For further details you can read my full bio.) From the start Sinner Computing has had a focus on small and efficient software and for this reason 100% Assembly Language is used for all applications, even the custom installer. Even now the largest program on the site is under 200Kb while having the same features as programs 10 times larger. This focus on efficiency means that Sinner Computing programs start faster, use less hard drive space, use less memory, respond faster, use less CPU time...

Sinner Computing's other focus had been to write programs that people actually want. For this reason all customer inquiries are read and responded to, and in most cases all reasonable improvement requests are implemented. Egg, for example was never supposed go past version 1.0! Many features that Egg has today were requested, and it is now one the most popular Sinner Computing programs.

Many of Sinner Computing's programs have received excellent reviews on various websites, and our software has been downloaded by millions by people from all around the world. To name a few; Australia, Turkey, Germany, USA, Switzerland, Anguilla, Canada, Austria, Bahamas, Netherlands, Indonesia, Sweden, Israel... Major features of Sinner Computing programs include:

  • No changing system setting without asking permission; most programs have a list of changes that the program makes when requested.
  • No files are saved in the "Windows" directory
  • No alteration of system files
  • Single executable file programs (No external DLLs required)
  • Unified installer/uninstaller for all programs
  • No system registry usage without user permission
  • 30 day unrestricted trial
  • 30 day 100% Money-Back Guarantee on most programs
  • Easy help access
  • Availability of many previous program versions on website
  • Easy to read HTML help file
  • Compact file sizes
  • No SpyWare/AdWare/MalWare (It is all so big anyway!)

Sinner Computing is also capable of customizing programs to your needs, or even writing programs to order, as well as website work. Read here for more details.

Why "Sinner Computing"?

Why? Early in Recruit School for the RAN (Royal Australian Navy) I stuffed up and saluted the OIC (Officer In Charge, i.e. The Boss) with my left hand. (For non military types this is wrong.) He shouted at me, "You Sinner!" before going off on some silly tirade about the history of saluting. This would have all been annoying as it was, but to make it worse the whole of Recruit School was there in formation. (About 500 people.) Thus I was called Sinner. Furthermore, seeing that "Glina the Sinner" rhymes, it made it stick even more! Thus when I was thinking of a name Sinner Computing just sprung to mind...


Sinner Computing went by this name for about 2 years, and if you prefer the name use it! The name is an acronym of As Compact As Possible and it was an experiment to see what effect a more boring name without any negative aspects would have on different customers. The results? Long term customers mostly disliked the change, the accusations of being a hacker went away, but nothing majorly good or bad happened so we're switching back!

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9 Dec 00 Sinner Computing forms and releases QWave.

16 Apr 01 GigAlarm released.

2 Mar 02 iTimeSync released.

20 Feb 03 Break released.

9 Nov 04 Secs released.

1 Jul 05 Our software has been downloaded over 250,000 times.

21 Oct 06 Quad Timer Egg 1.4 released.

1 Aug 07 Our software has been downloaded over 500,000 times.

1 Jan 08 Sinner Computing becomes ACAPsoft, a name that, while substantially less interesting, better reflects what we do.

20 May 10 ACAPsoft becomes Sinner Computing, a name that, while substantially less clear, is a lot more fun.

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