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SmEdit - Small Text Editor

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20 Feb 06

2K / XP

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Version Changes Link
1.17 Labels, enhanced font support, enhanced insert date, guess name, Multi-User support
1.164 External Options, URL Highlight+, Strip formatting Paste, Error Sound, Bug fixes
1.15 Column number display, word count, Overwrite select, bookmarks, enhanced auto save, bug fixes, interface improvements
1.143 Context menu Run and Insert, minimize to tray, Read Only OverRide, bug fixes, interface improvements
1.13 Partial Loading, Auto DeWrap, Bug fixes and interface improvements
1.121 Printing, external modification notification, default directory selection
1.11 More default window size options, Auto - Font selection, Revert, configurable title-bar
1.101 Toolbar, Status bar, programmable insert and run options, enhanced auto-save
1.02 Initial Version

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Notes Link
SmEdit supports Tool Bar customization. Simply edit the file 'ToolBar.bmp' in the SmEdit directory. A sent in example is below. Please not that this is not the work of ACAPsoft. If you feel that it contains work from you or your company please notify us and we will remove it pending investigation.

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